NUCLR by Crystal Units is our innovative new heated glass solution. NUCLR utilises the warming power of infrared radiation; delivering a sleek, stylish, and efficient heating system. It not only adds a unique touch to a building, but also reduces the use of polluting fossil fuels when compared to traditional heating methods.

We offer a full design process to tailor NUCLR to the specific requirements of your project.



For Architects

NUCLR is the high end finish that your project needs. Incorporating heating into glass not only eradicates the need for conventional heating systems, but also eliminates cold spots and condensation build-up. This can solve design challenges in situations anywhere from high-end dwellings to Spa’s and swimming pools. NUCLR and all required connections can be fully implemented into a wide range of window and door systems, whilst directly utilising the 230V mains power, meaning minimal additional design work is required. Using electricity as a heating source is a more eco-friendly option than standard gas heating, due mainly to the UK’s decreased reliance on fossil fuels.

Being the UK’s only manufactures of this heated glass technology, we won’t be beaten on lead times, whilst ensuring a bespoke touch to every project. Get in touch below to find out more.

Product Features

NUCLR is a flexible product that can be best implemented in a wide variety of applications:

Main Room Heating

NUCLR can be configured so that it is the sole method of heating a space, producing a sleek and stylish finish whilst doing away with the need for bulky radiators or expensive underfloor heating.


NUCLR can be used in conjunction with conventional heating systems. When warmed to room temperature, NUCLR eliminates the cold feeling around large installations of glazing. Perfect for keeping the chill out of any glass boxes, conservatories, or bi-folding door installations, as well as reducing drafts around a room.

Anti – Condensation

Where clarity is desirable in regular or high humidity environments, NUCLR will eliminate condensation build up – making it the ideal product for installations such as luxury spas, heated pools, kitchens and bathrooms.

Ice and Snow Defrosting

NUCLR can be configured in a way to not only defrost snow and ice, but prevent its build-up entirely. If you have a project in a cold climate that’s subject to freezing, NUCLR will ensure that clarity is maintained all year round

100% Efficiency

Unlike conventional heating systems, NUCLR is converts 100% of the energy it uses into heating. This means less waste and less energy consumed. When combined with a low U-value glazing option such as CUIN by Crystal Units, this offers a truly eco-friendly heating option.

Technical Specification

– U Values as low as 0.2 (using CUIN)

– Unit sizes up to 3m x 2m. *Enquire for larger

– Output up to 600W/m2

– Mains powered 230V for easy installation


 Primary Application Power Output (W/m2) Glass Temperature °C
 Heating Room Up  300-500  55
 Anti Condensation  100-200  35
 Comfort Zone (anti chill)  100  25
 Defrosting of snow and ice  500  60

The Design

NUCLR is able to achieve accurate heat outputs through ultra-precise laser etching technology. We etch a virtually invisible hexagonal lattice into the conductive low-e coating on the glass, allowing us to finely tune each piece of glass to perfectly suit each project. This ensures a uniform heat distribution across the surface of the glass, minimising heat spots and maximising comfort. We are proud to say that we are the only company in the UK with this laser etching technology.

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